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Cable Attachment Set - 001

Cable Attachment Set-001
Cable Attachment Set - 001
Cable Attachment Set-001
Union Max Fitness specializes in the manufacture of gym accessories products including the highest quality Cable Attachment Set. If you need this product, please feel free to contact us.

Description of Cable Attachment Set

Cable Attachment is a set of multiple products, designed to provide users with diverse training effects. Cable Attachment Set includes different types and specifications of pull-down rods, tension straps, grippers and other accessories. Whether you want to build muscle strength, improve muscular toughness, increase endurance, improve explosive power, or train for sculpting and fat loss, the Cable Attachment Set has you covered. You can choose the appropriate combination of accessories according to your training goals and needs to achieve the best training effect. Not only that, this Cable Attachment Set also has the functions of adjustment, combination and expansion, allowing you to adjust and change according to your own progress and training plan to maintain the diversity and challenge of training. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, a Cable Attachment Set is an indispensable tool for your comprehensive fitness training at home.

Product Features of Cable Attachment Set

1. With a silent pulley set, the movement is noiseless.

2. Wire ropes of two lengths can be matched at will.

3. The weight-bearing barbell support can be adjusted to match different weights for training.

4. You can design your favorite stickers and product introductions.

Specifications of Cable Attachment Set

Product Name

Cable Attachment Set-001




ISO 9001


10 piece


Union Max Fitness

Net weight




Package contents

Triceps rope*1

Straight bar*1

Steel carabiner*3

Olympic loading pin*1


Silent pulley*1

Hanging strap*1





Box size


Custom Size & Logo & shape

Please contact us individually for customization