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Indoor Rubber Non-Slip Flooring Mat

Indoor Rubber Non-Slip Flooring Mat
Indoor Rubber Non-Slip Flooring Mat
Rubber Mat-2
200square meters
Union Max Fitness specialize in Rubber Mat including Indoor Rubber Non-Slip Flooring Mat of the highest quality. If you require this product, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Description of Indoor Rubber Non-Slip Flooring Mat

EPDM Indoor Rubber Non-Slip Flooring Mat is Heavy Duty Fitness Equipment Mat designed to protect your Hardwood Floors and Carpet from damage and scratches effects of personal fitness Exercise equipment such as Treadmill, Rowers Water Rowing, Elliptical Machine, Exercise Bike, Spin Bike, Rowing Machine, Stationary Exercise Bikes, Recumbent Bike, Training Benches, Weight Benches.

Product Feature of Indoor Rubber Non-Slip Flooring Mat

1. This Indoor Rubber Non-Slip Flooring Mat has two sizes: 50*50xm and 100*100cm, and different thicknesses, you can choose according to your needs.
2. This Indoor Rubber Non-Slip Flooring Mat has strong toughness, and high density, does not drop slag, is resistant to dirt, is easy to clean, is environmentally friendly and odorless, and is suitable for commercial gyms and homes. It is waterproof for life and can be cleaned with a wrung rag and mild detergent.
3. This Indoor Rubber Non-Slip Flooring Mat has the advantages of shock absorption, compression resistance, and sound insulation. The high-density rubber particles effectively disperse the impact and protect the ground. You can use various fitness equipment on it, even if it is a dropped dumbbell or barbell. hurt your ground.
4. Place this exercise equipment mat under each leg or foot of exercise equipment to protect carpets and floors from abrasion, and under treadmills to reduce noise and provide shock absorption, impact protection, and slip resistance.
5. We support customization, you are welcome to inquire about customization.

Specifications of Indoor Rubber Non-Slip Flooring Mat

Product Name

Indoor Rubber Non-Slip Flooring Mat




ISO 9001


SBR Rubber, EPDM Granule


200 square meters


$25.3-38.8/square meters


50*50cm, 100*100cm




Black, red, green, yellow, blue, etc.


Pallet Packaging




Home, Gym