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Plastic Javelin

Plastic Javelin
Plastic Javelin
Plastic Javelin-1
Union Max Fitness specializes in sports training products including the highest quality Plastic Javelin. If you need this product, please feel free to contact us.

Description of Plastic Javelin

The plastic javelin is a lightweight and durable throwing implement used in a variety of sports and recreational activities. It is usually made of molded plastic material that provides the necessary strength and flexibility. Plastic javelins end in pointed plastic for better aerodynamics and easier penetration into the ground. The other end is usually thicker and wider to provide a comfortable grip for the thrower. The plastic material used in the construction of the Javelin allows for safe and easy handling, reducing the risk of injury. Also, plastic javelins are less expensive than metal javelins, making them easier for beginners and casual users to use.

Product Features of Plastic Javelin

1. Made of specially designed durable plastic with excellent flexibility.

2. Streamlined fuselage structure, unique design, flying farther.

3. The main body has plastic ridges for comfortable holding and throwing.

4. Training javelin plastic is safe for indoor and outdoor practice, perfect for junior athletes to learn proper throwing technique.

Specifications of Plastic Javelin

Product Name

Plastic Javelin




ISO 9001


Union Max


100 pieces












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