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1.2 m Curved Electroplated Barbell Bar

1.2 m Curved Electroplated Barbell Bar
1.2 m Curved Electroplated Barbell Bar
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Union Max Fitness specialize in barbell bars including 1.2 m Curved Electroplated Barbell Bar of the highest quality. If you require this product, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Description of 1.2 m Curved Electroplated Barbell Bar

Build strength with a barbell, which can be used for upper and lower body strength training. Biceps curls, triceps stretches, chest presses, shoulder presses, and upright rows for the upper body. Perform lower body deadlifts and squats. The chromed rods are threaded with double safety nuts to hold the weight plate in place. The knurled handle ensures a secure grip and increases efficiency. The barbell accommodates a weight plate with a 1-inch hole diameter.

Product Features of 1.2 m Curved Electroplated Barbell Bar

1. The length of this barbell bar is 1.2m, the diameter of the plate is 25mm, and the length of the plate is 200mm. It can load several barbell plates of standard size with a diameter of 25mm.
2. This product is made of high-quality steel with a chrome-plated coating on the surface. Each piece has a net weight of 4.7kg and a maximum load-bearing capacity of 70kg. It is very durable.
3. Solid chromed steel rod, threaded on both ends, with double safety nuts to hold weight plate in place.
4. This 1.2m solid weight bar is designed to be compact and convenient for all gyms and homes.
5. The ergonomic design makes storage easy, just wipe away debris and sweat from the bar on a daily basis.
6. Sold individually or in pieces.
7. Paper tube and wooden box packaging, packaging needs to be charged separately, you can consult us about the packaging fee at any time.

Specifications of 1.2 m Curved Electroplated Barbell Bar

Product Name

1.2 m Curved Electroplated Barbell Bar




ISO 9001


50 pieces




Paper Tube and Wooden Box


For Fitness Activities


Gym and your home


Curved Bar


Q235 Steel









Weight Capacity




Sales model

Sold individually or in pieces