Aluminum Alloy Hand Grip


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We have high-quality, cast-effective aluminum alloy hand grip products, if you need them, please contact us.
Description of Aluminum Alloy Hand Grip

Not just muscular guys, you can too! We have hand grips for sale, there are six strengths for you to choose from, you can do hand exercises in your free time, strengthen hand strength training, and it is a very practical fitness gadget at home or in the office.

Product Feature of Aluminum Alloy Hand Grip

1. Grip strength 100/150/200/250/300/350lb optional, from entry to strengthening, to meet the use of different stages of training
2. Aluminum alloy solid handle
The surface of the steel hand gripper is knurled design, non-slip, and let go. After finishing and polishing, it will not hurt the hand. The first time a novice touches it, it will feel slightly painful.
3. High carbon steel spring
High carbon steel is suitable for products with strong toughness and is mostly used in automobile shock absorber springs. It has good elasticity, does not discolor, and is not easy to rust. Is the best hand strengthener.
4. Applicable to a wide range of people
It is suitable for office crowds and people who often play rock climbing, basketball, badminton, and table tennis, and those who need to exercise their wrist strength.

Specifications of Aluminum Alloy Hand Grip
Product NameAluminum Alloy Hand Grip
BrandUnion Max
CertificationsISO 9001
MaterialAluminum Alloy
UsageArm Strength Training
ApplicationHome, Gym, Outdoors