Fixed Barbell Rack


US $89.55 / piece

Fixed Barbell Rack-1
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Description of Fixed Barbell Rack

The Fixed Barbell Rack can neatly store the fixed barbells you do not use temporarily, and use this dumbbell rack during training to get the fixed dumbbells you want in time.

Product Features of Fixed Barbell Rack

1. This Fixed Barbell Rack is made of matte black coated steel for a neater look in the gym, and the chrome hooks will stand up to years of use.

2. This product is made of 1.2mm high-quality steel, with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 300kg, which can meet your needs.

3. The size of this product is 85cmL x 75cmW x 120cmH. The frame itself is designed to have a small footprint, making it a great value.

4. This five-tier stationary dumbbell rack holds ten Fixed Barbells for use the gym and in your home.

5. You can buy single racks or Fixed Barbell sets.

6. Carton packaging is provided free of charge, and wooden box packaging requires a certain packaging fee.

Specifications of Fixed Barbell Rack

Product NameFixed Barbell Rack
CertificationsISO 9001
MOQ30 pieces
PackingCarton or wooden box
UsageStorage fixed barbells
ApplicationGym and your home
Size85cmL x 75cmW x 120cmH