Hip Resistance Band


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Description of Hip Resistance Band

The Hip Resistance Band focuses on the plasticity of the buttocks and legs, which can stimulate more muscle groups and improve the training effect. At the same time, it can also lengthen the leg line and create an attractive hip-to-leg ratio. Ten minutes a day, let you build a good figure.

Product Feature of Hip Resistance Band

1. High-quality workmanship

Built-in double-encrypted anti-slip strips, not only improve the elasticity but also reduce the problem of edge valgus during use

2. Is not easy to break

Built-in natural latex wire, which increases the toughness of the elastic ring. 

3. The product adopts a composite knitting process

High elasticity, and stretch resistance, only when you can pull it apart, can you practice well

4. Solid and durable

Tight locking, smooth and beautiful wiring.

5. Easy to store

Small in size, lightweight, and portable, it can be used as a gym in your pocket.

6. Variety of colors

Including green, pink, purple, gray, black, etc., and equipped with corresponding pulling forces: 18-32lb, 30-50lb, and 45-70lb pulling forces for you to choose from.

7. Support customization

This product can be customized in color, size, and logo from 50 sets.

Specifications of Hip Resistance Band

Product NameHip Resistance Band
BrandUnion Max
CertificationsISO 9001
MaterialTapecotton, LatexSilk
Carton Size35*35*50cm
ColorGray,Green, Pink, Black, Purple
UsageExercise Your Gluteal Muscle
ApplicationHome, Gym, Outdoors
ColorGreen/GrayPink/Medium GreyPurple/Black