Incline Level Row Plate Loaded


US $209.33 / piece

Incline Level Row-1
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Description of Incline Level Row

This Incline T-Bar Row is designed with advanced load-bearing force analysis and ultimate strength experimental equipment to ensure its stability and safety. Its surface is treated with thermosetting powder static spray with high hardness, strong adhesion, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Each product is carefully designed according to the principles of human exercise physiology, completely meeting the needs of human muscle training. The adjustable counterweight design allows trainers to adjust freely according to their own conditions, making it suitable for gyms and commercial incline level row machines.

Product Features of Incline Level Row

1. High-quality PU cushion offers one-time foam molding foam cotton, good resilience, breathability, sweat-absorbency, wear-resistance and durability, as well as comfort and beauty.

2. Selected thick and thick pipes with solid materials ensure strong bearing capacity, wear-resistance, safety and stability.

3. Anti-skid training grip increases safety during exercise with better grasp.

4. Bold stainless steel barbell rack with hanging plate weight method offers stronger load-bearing, high-quality wear-resistance and safer movement.

5. Training non-slip pedals with the non-slip focus point ensures stability.

6. The foot pad design does not damage the floor and makes the equipment more stable and safe.

Specifications of Incline Level Row

Product NameIncline Level Row
CertificationsISO 9001
BrandUnion Max
MOQ1 piece
ApplicableHome, Office, Gym