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Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike

Spin Bike | Union Max Fitness
Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike
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If you are in need of a high-quality Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike, contact Union Max Fitness for more information. We offer top-notch products and services to meet your needs.

Description of Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike

This magnetic resistance spin bike is designed with a sleek and safe closed belt compartment, adopting a silent belt transmission, using a durable nylon double-thread belt. It has an infinitely variable resistance system that is magnetically controlled, with a standard 6kg silent flywheel (can be customized to 8kg or 10kg, please consult for specific information). Furthermore, it has 2 movable pulleys for more convenient storage, providing a smooth operation with no frustration and a long service life.

Product Features of Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike

1. More attention is paid to the details, with a high-rebound comfortable cushion to provide a better experience, adjustable front and rear seat heights to meet different height requirements, and aluminum alloy pedals designed to be non-slip and durable.

2. The magnetic control system is frictionless, providing a smoother and quieter experience.

3. The stepless variable resistance control allows for fat reduction while riding, with adjustable resistance to find the ideal exercise intensity anytime.

4. The monitor displays exercise data such as time, distance, calories, and heart rate to help with scientific exercise.

5. The mobile phone holder allows for placement of a phone or tablet to make exercise more efficient and less boring.

6. The silent belt drive system and the magnetically controlled silent resistance system make sure the riding process is silent and peaceful, without disturbing neighbors.

7. The small body saves space without folding, and it can be moved anywhere without being restrained, or needing to be plugged in.

Specifications of Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike

Product NameMagnetic Resistance Spin Bike
CertificationsISO 9001
BrandUnion Max
MOQ1 set
MaterialAluminum alloy
ColorBlack/White Gold
Flywheel Weight6kg
Resistance MethodMagnetic
ApplicableHome, Office, Gym
For PeopleFitness enthusiasts, keepers, fitness trainers