Multifunction AB Wheel


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Multifunction AB Wheel-1
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Description of Multifunction AB Wheel

The multifunction AB Wheel has more elastic rubber ropes than the conventional abdominal fitness wheel products, which can unlock more sports modes, exercise more muscles of the body, and exercise at home. You can practice anywhere without picking a venue.

Product Feature of Multifunction AB Wheel

1. The skid plate is made of ABS engineering plastic, which is strong and durable.

2. AB wheel with resistance bands with a non-slip wheel bottom, the anti-slip texture can be stabilized during the rolling process and prevent side slip.

3. It can exercise the arm and enhance the muscle strength of the arm. Work your pecs, strengthen your biceps, and improve your chest muscles.

4. Thickened and comfortable foam handle, and has a super elastic tension tube, the rebound is more labor-saving.

5. Widen the double wheels, the support area is larger, and the safety balance does not roll over.

6. Unlock the four sports modes, the fitness effect is doubled, and you can use dumbbells, abdominals, presses, leg kicks, etc.

7. The ab roller with resistance bands length of the drawstring can be adjusted on the chassis, which is suitable for people of different heights and different needs.

Specifications of Multifunction AB Wheel

Product NameMultifunction AB Wheel
BrandUnion Max
CertificationsISO 9001
MOQ2 sets
Rope Length80cm
Carton Size65*43*61cm
UsageMuscle Training
ApplicationHome, Gym, Outdoors