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Description of Pilates Wunda Chair

The form of movement of the Wunda Chair is to move the body up and down, challenging the balance and strength of the body. This Wunda Chair adopts a unique spring and replacement system, with four high-elastic springs and two handles, which can change the difficulty of the action more conveniently, and also effectively protect the equipment. Not only can it be used as a single person, but it can also be changed into a group lesson. The training of hundreds of movements can meet the requirements and influence of group courses. Another name for him is the Magnum Chair, which is also great for exercises in progressive weight-bearing states, from the zero-gravity position on the back on the core bed to the unsupported sitting position, and then gradually into the standing position on the seat. The stable step chair is an important device in the Pilates basic rehabilitation center, because it has multiple functions, light weight, relatively low price, and does not need to take up too much space, and is suitable for a variety of weight-bearing functional exercises.

It is composed of four springs, two pedals that are connected by wooden poles, which can be separated and connected, and other detachable and detachable accessories. It provides infinite possibilities for body exercises. parts, providing hundreds of exercises in different training stages. In terms of material, we are divided into two styles: white maple and rubber wood. For the white maple style, we will give you an additional set of wheel drawstrings.

Its small size belies its extraordinary ability to aid in your core stability, chest-back posture, and long, toned legs for beginner Pilates to enhance female physique-trainer performance and increase total-body conditioning.

With the use of the universal chair, you can focus better on your body movements in a safe and non-impact way, thereby enhancing your strength, improving your stability and core control between your upper and lower extremities. Based on its unique dual-pedal design, we can do dual-foot, single-foot or dual-foot interactive pedal movements. While using the universal chair, it poses a great challenge to the stability of the pelvis, thereby improving the overall stability of the body.

What is the role of the Wunda Chair?

Wunda Chair can be mainly used for shaping, improving muscle mass, reducing fat, rehabilitation training, and training for body imbalance; it can stabilize the shoulder blades, core, and lower limbs through the instability of the pedal up and down movement, and can also train unilaterally through training. Rehabilitation training for those with unbalanced muscle strength and scoliosis, thereby enhancing the trainer's stability. It is great for a variety of core and upper body exercises, but is also used by many for the rehabilitation and pre-rehabilitation of patients with hip and knee injuries or balance problems.

If you are a beginner, we recommend experimenting with exercises to make sure you fully understand the spring system of the stepper you are using. The following guidelines can be followed:

Very weak setting = 1 weak spring hangs at the lowest position of one pedal

Extreme setting = 2 strongest springs are attached to the highest position of each pedal.

Who are the suitable groups of Wunda Chairs?

1. Improve posture (office sedentary people)

Working at desks and computers for a long time leads to imbalances in muscle development, and regular training can correct posture, relax waist and neck, solve the problem of rounded shoulders and hunchback, and tighten slack muscles in arms and abdomen.

2. People who lose weight and shape

It has a good function of sculpting body lines, and the trained muscle lines are more uniform and slender, and long-term training can achieve the effect of lifting buttocks and reducing fat.

3. Rehabilitation population

People with musculoskeletal diseases or pain can correct their posture, improve body coordination, enhance their dynamic core stability, reduce pain, and prevent injury after long-term training. Some athletes often use Pilates for rehabilitation after muscle injury.

Specifications of Pilates Wunda Chair

Product Name

PilatesWunda Chair




ISO 9001




Union Max






Indoor and outdoor exercise




Pilates exercise

Product size

White maple: 2400*810*210mm

Rubber wood: 2300*800*1980mm

packaging size

White maple: 2470*840*430mm

Rubber wood: 2440*850*360mm

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