Plate Loaded Front Squat Machine


US $486.00 / piece

Front Squat Machine-1
If you're looking for a high-quality plate loaded front squat machine, we can provide you with one. Please feel free to contact us for further details.

Description of Plate Loaded Front Squat Machine

This commercial squat machine is designed to maximize your leg and squat training. It is one of the best exercises for strength training, providing a great way to build mass and strength in your thighs, glutes, calves, and lower back. The squat machine is just as important for leg training as the barbell squat.

Product Features of Plate Loaded Front Squat Machine

1. The main frame of the front squat machine is made of 100*50*3mm commercial steel pipes, providing a high-strength bearing capacity and ensuring reliable safety.

2. Seamless welding technology offers a stable connection between the steel pipes.

3. PU leather cushion provides non-slip and breathable experience, making exercise more comfortable and preventing training injury.

4. Aluminum alloy delicate cap with multiple non-slip training grip angles, non-slip and wear-resistant.

5. The 50mm thick hanging rod can hold up to 450kg.

6. Electrostatic spraying system allows for customizable colors of the pipes.

Specifications for Plate Loaded Front Squat Machine

Product NameFront Squat Machine
CertificationsISO 9001
BrandUnion Max
MOQ1 piece
MaterialSteel Pipe
Tube Thickness3.0mm
Load Bearing150kg