S-Type Push-Up Stand


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S-Type Push-Up Stand-1
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Description of S-Type Push-Up Stand

This S-shaped also known as s-shaped push-up bars, push-up support adopts a golden triangle structure with a hypotenuse length of 13cm, which is scientifically accepted and increases stability. Avoid the physical injury of doing push-ups with bare hands, and better exercise the chest muscles and arms.

Product Feature of S-Type Push-Up Stand

1. Triangular stable support, increase compressive ability, and scientific force is firmer and more stable.

2. Using a non-slip texture design, the bump texture is stable and non-slip, and the grip is comfortable.

3. S-type painted steel pipe is integrally formed, metal push-up stand with good hardness and good bearing capacity, which can bear 150kg.

4. This metal push-up stand uses PVC pipe plugs to fully fill the gaps of the steel pipes to prevent dirt from entering, and it is durable.

5. The non-slip foam base does not scratch the floor, does not slide during exercise, and is more secure.

6. These s-shaped push-up bars are three packing forms: color box/carton/no box, you can choose freely.

Specifications of S-Type Push-Up Stand

Product NameS-Type Push-Up Stand
BrandUnion Max
CertificationsISO 9001
MaterialSteel, Foam
UsageChest Muscle Training
ApplicationHome, Gym, Outdoors