Speed Bag Platform


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Speed Bag Platform-1
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Description of Speed Bag Platform

A boxing speed ball is one of the auxiliary equipment for boxing practice. It has a great effect on cultivating athletes’ attention and reaction speed. Of course, this sports equipment is indispensable to the boxing speed bag platform, which can be fixed on the wall. you can practice boxing anytime, anywhere. Everlast speed bag platform is a good choice to facilitate training while greatly reducing the space occupancy rate.

Product Features of Speed Bag Platform 

1. The thickened square steel plate is used, which is safe, firm, and not easy to deform, with stronger load-bearing capacity, and can effectively prevent the steel plate from breaking.

2. Adopt adjustable human nature design, flexibly adjust the height about 0-20cm; easy to use and practice, suitable for all kinds of people.

3. Thickened wooden board, strong and reliable, more durable, obvious rebound, small resonance, strong rebound sound; there are solid wood and compression board points.

4. Equipped with a 360°spinner, the rotation is flexible and more convenient, and sensitive.

5. Wall-mounted speed ball rack, easy installation, fast fitness.

6. Ancillary products: pear-shaped speed ball, pump, ball needle.

Specifications of Speed Bag Platform

Product NameSpeed Bag Platform
CertificationsISO 9001
BrandUnion Max
MaterialSolid wood, Compressed board
ColorBlack and Wood Color
ApplicableGym or Home