Taekwondo Leg Guards


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Description of Taekwondo Leg Guards

Taekwondo leg pads are to protect the legs. In taekwondo kick, the calf is also a frequently touched part because the legs often attack the opponent during the competition. Other defensive actions protect themselves, so the ltaekwondo protective gear is more prone to injury. With the protection of the taekwondo leg guards, the athlete's legs can be prevented from being hit and injured, reducing the chance of injury.

Product Features of Taekwondo Leg Guards

1.EVA one-time molding liner, comfortable and soft, high-quality material, strong and durable, effectively protects the legs from injury.

2.The outer edge of the taekwondo leg guard is tightly sewn, and the middle double-layer thread is fixed, which is more durable and more protective.

3.Velcro design + elastic band, stick firmly, not easy to loosen, the elastic band adjusted conveniently.

4.Choose wear-resistant PU leather with long service life.

5.Elasticity can be customized.

6.Safe and convenient, all-around protection.

7.The thickened pad is more effective in the protection of the body.

8.Packaging: cartons.

Specifications of Taekwondo Leg Guards

Product NameTaekwondo Leg Guards
CertificationsISO 9001
BrandUnion Max
MOQ100 pieces
UsageTaekwondo training or TKO game