Taekwondo Protective Gear Set

Taekwondo Protective Gear Set


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50 sets
Union Max Fitness specializes in boxing training products including the highest quality Taekwondo Protective Gear Set. If you need this product, please feel free to contact us.

Description of Taekwondo Protective Gear Set

Taekwondo protective gear refers to the equipment and equipment used to protect players during taekwondo training or competitions. As the name suggests, protective gear is used to protect the body and mainly to reduce injuries. Taekwondo protective gear mainly includes helmets, hand guards, foot guards, leg guards, arm guards, chest guards and other equipment. This taekwondo protective gear is divided into 5-8 sets, which are used to protect the most basic parts of the players from injury.

Product Features of Taekwondo Protective Gear Set

1. These protective gear sets have a high-strength protective surface with a thickened design that is designed to reduce the impact force and provide an all-round protection.

2. To offer maximum convenience, the arm guards and leg guards come with a humanized design that includes Velcro self-adhesive buckles. These are easy to paste and wear and can be completed by one person. Additionally, the ergonomic design reduces the impact on knees, arms, and other parts during an exercise.

3. Our crotch guard comes in two different designs for men and women. It has exquisite craftsmanship and features leather edging that's not easily deformed by extrusion. The guard is also durable, wear-resistant, and has a long service life.

4. The breathable design ensures the players' comfort without having to worry about excessive sweating. We offer a variety of patterns, and you can consult with us for any detailed questions.

5. Our gear sets can have your LOGO printed on them using a high-definition printing process. This guarantees clarity and ensures that the print doesn't easily fade thus making them durable.

6. The protective gear sets are individually packaged, boxed at the end, and presented with a protective gear bag. This ensures that they remain intact and clean until it's time to use them.

Specifications of Taekwondo Protective Gear Set

Product Name

Taekwondo Protective Gear Set




ISO 9001


Union Max


50 pieces












TKO training or taekwondo kick