Target Wall Pad


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Target Wall Pad-1
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Description of Target Wall Pad

Wall mounted punching bag are an excellent alternative to sandbags in small, confined spaces. This wall mounted bag can be applied to any wall. The bump design allows trainers to better experience the real feeling of hitting. The steel frame bottom plate makes the wall mounted bag more secure and stable, which is to improve your boxing skills and strength. and good equipment for endurance. Suitable for Muay Thai, Sanda, combat training and other training.

Product Features of Target Wall Pad

1.The use of multi-layer cushioning conforms to the material liner, high resilience, strong cushioning performance, silent mode, and better feel.

2.It is made of high-quality explosion-proof PU leather fabric, which is comfortable and soft, strong and durable, beautiful and elegant, and will not burst and crack.

3.The striking point is protruding design, which improves the striking comfort while being beautiful.

4.The wall target frame is fixed by multi-point expansion screws, steel frame structure, and the thickness of the inner tank bottom plate is 1.5cm, which is safe and reliable, has a wide range of applications, and is suitable for a variety of walls.

5.A variety of colors to choose from, free color matching.

6.Artificial precision suture, strong and anti-fracture, can withstand repeated blows, durable.

Specifications of Target Wall Pad

Product NameTarget Wall Pad
CertificationsISO 9001
BrandUnion Max
MOQ10 pieces
UsageTKO training or taekwondo kick