TPE Round Jump Rope Mat


US $1.87 / piece

Jump Rope Mat-1
If you are in need of a high-quality jump rope mat, Union Max Fitness can provide one for you. Contact us for more information.

Description of TPE Jump Rope Mat

Rope skipping is an effective way to reduce fat and get fit. This TPE rope skipping pad is environmentally friendly, odorless, and highly flexible. It can reduce noise and provide sound insulation during rope skipping, protecting your knees and not disturbing your neighbors. With this pad, you can now skip rope at home anytime without worries.

Product Feature of TPE Jump Rope Mat

1. This round jump rope pad is 59cm in diameter and has a double-sided, non-slip texture that offers a secure grip so you can follow your beat without slipping.

2. With a thickness of 6mm, this skipping rope pad protects joints while providing cushioning and resilience with minimal noise.

3. Made of environmentally friendly TPE, it is safe, tasteless, tough, highly elastic, wear-resistant, durable and tear-resistant.

4. The material is waterproof and sweat-proof, easy to clean and the stains can be wiped away, preventing bacteria growth.

5. One-piece molding and non-glue bonding make it non-toxic and tasteless, with flexibility and wear-resistance.

6. It's available in four colors: pink, gray, blue and purple. Choose the one that fits your stock and preference.

Specifications of TPE Jump Rope Mat

Product NameTPE Rope Mat
BrandUnion Max
CertificationsISO 9001
ColorPink,Gray, Blue, Purple
UsageNoise Reduction,KneeProtection
ApplicationHome, Gym