Weight Lifting Gloves


US $3.10 / pair

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If you are looking for high-quality weight lifting gloves, contact Union Max Fitness for more information. We offer a wide selection of gloves to meet your needs.

Description of Weight Lifting Gloves

Our Weight Lifting Gloves Wrist feature easy-to-release pull strips, which allow for more convenient removal. The gloves have a honeycomb silicone anti-slip strip to increase friction, and a hook and loop fastener that is fixed under pressure and adjustable for elasticity. The back of the hand is breathable and perforated, making it comfortable to wear. The full padding provides maximum protection, with a high-density sponge pad to provide the best grip and cushion. The effective wrist support structure of the adjustable wrist wrap will protect you from wrist sprains while powerlifting, weight lifting, snatches, and cross training. The pull tab design on the finger allows for easy removal of the gloves after exercise. Additionally, air venting holes keep your finger cool and dry while biking, making your hands completely breathable and comfortable.

Specification of Weight Lifting Gloves Wrist

Product NameWeight Lifting Gloves
BrandUnion Max
MOQ10 pieces
MaterialPolyester, Microfiber, Nylon, Silicone
UsageDaily Life + Sports
TypeWeight Lifting Glove
FunctionAvoid Injuries
ColorBlack+Red, Black+Grey
SizeLhand circumference18-21cmor XLhand circumference22-24cm